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magazines airbrushing baby, a youth group encouraging the christian side hug and the muppets take on queen. it is all ahead on "the big picture." i'm tamron hall live in new york. >> i'm jeff rosin. no singing here. david has the day off. the president's speech from west point when president obama will lay out his case to move forward in afghanistan. how he wants to do it and why americans should support his decision. a new "usa today" gallup poll says that won't be easy. asked if they approve of the president's handling of afghanistan 35% said they approve while 55% say they disapprove. for context on this mike viquera live from the white house. he won't be talking to americans here, he is talking to congress, too, right? >> that is a great point.
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among members of his own party. it is a tough ask for them. they've had the climate change bill, the health care bill. from the time the obama administration came in there have bin flew enshl democrats on capitol hill who said we are not going to fund these wars in iraq and afghanistan, we want answers and timelines. democrats came into power both in congress and the white house president obama saying they were going to de-emphasize the war in iraq and start emphasizing the war in afghanistan after all this is where the people who came and attacked this country on 9/11 were. this is where the plot was hatched. the president announced, by press secretary robert gibbs this morning at the white house, at the gaggle in the west wing that the president would go to west point and make this announcement 8:00 tuesday night in a primetime national audience, we don't know the numbers but there is a lot of talk about the money, timelines, about how we are going to find
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an exit strategy an off ramp as they call it. the questions a lot of them are coming from democrats. the president will meet with all key membership of the congressional leadership before going to west point to lay it autoout for them and the american people. >> gallup poll numbers, 35% saying they approve, 55% say they disapprove. how does he convince a large number of americans who don't agree with afghanistan policy? >> reporter: there is a great deal of skepticism. a lot of it has to do with the lack of confidence with president karzai's government. let's face it. that starts with democrats and the american people. there's a sense that, look, this war has gone off since the immediate aftermath of 9/11, eight years now, the third longest war in american history by some counts. people want to know how we are going to win the hearts and
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minds of the afghanis and train them to take care of their own country and get out? that is what we can expect to a large extent the president to talk about and what he has been talking about in the nine marathon meetings in the situation room, the last one earlier this week. that was the last one and the president is coming to a decision. >> tuesday night. mike viqueira, happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. a serious accident on the golden gate bridge shut down both sides of the bridge. this happened one lane on both spans is now open again. five people were injured after a car flipped over on its side. 38 million people are expected to travel somewhere for the long weekend. more than 33 million of those will hit the roads. meanwhile, the tough economic times have hit the airlines hard. thanksgiving travel is down 25% since 2000. at the world's busiest airport passengers report the lines are
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long but manageable. >> in chicago, it was awful to be honest. here it doesn't seem nearly as bad as it usually is. i'm impressed. >> the airport was not as busy. >> they say there is not that many people traveling as in previous years. most are going to cars and using ground transportation. you hope for the best and hope you don't spend the whole afternoon and evening in an airport. >> thousands around the country will travel here to new york to see the macy's thanksgiving day parade. there are four new balloons this year. for the first time in the 83-year history there is a new parade route. michelle franzen joins us from the beginning of the parade route. you are our eyes and ears. we are going to live through you. give us the scoop on what is happening. >> reporter: well, tamron, let me give you an idea. the macy's thanksgiving parade
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is an american tradition on the eve of that tradition is coming out and seeing the inflation of the balloons. as you mentioned, giant balloons four new ones this year including this big guy, spider man joins the parade this year, the 83rd year for the parade including the pillsbury dough boy and ice skating ronald mcdonald. it is a new york tradition to come out here the night before. look at the crowds that have lined up. the inflation of the balloons have begun and so has the fun. a steady stream of families making their way along 77th street here, which is one staging area for the giant balloons along with 81st street. getting ready for tomorrow morning. 3.5 million people are expected to join me. >> i will be watching television from the sofa. is the weather expected to be okay for the big parade?
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>> it is. it is misting a little bit now but so far it seems like it is not supposed to rain tomorrow morning for the parade. the winds, which is very important, are supposed to be minimal. the parade route takes a different turn, several different turns, not going down the fabled broadway, instead seventh and sixth avenues before it makes its way to macy's herald square. >> super cool, you have spider-man, sailor mickie and the pillsbury dough boy. >> i was making the sound effect, you know, the pillsbury dough boy. an interesting story of power politics. two of the most powerful families in politics. maureen dowd claims in her newest column that a vengeful bill clinton aggressively lobbied new york's governor not
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to appoint caroline kennedy to fill hillary clinton's senate seat after she became secretary of state. after the kennedy clan endorsed barack obama during the presidential campaign. bill was still upset at caroline for bestowing the camelot mantle which he tried to claim during his campaigns on obama. joining us by phone is new york post columnist fred dicker. how are you fred? >> greetings from albany. i'm fine. this is quite a story. it indicates at the highest levels of politics, politics can be as savage at a local level. there was a bitter fight a year ago. >> why is this coming out just now? no one could gain anything from it. it makes most except for caroline look bad. >> maureen dowd specializes in nasty tidbits. not to take anything away from
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her. it is a good story. it has been known in new york. it just hasn't gotten the play she gave it in her column. >> this is a bitterness feud that continues to go? >> it is. bill clinton was aggressively trying and successfully i would add to convince governor patterson not to name caroline kennedy to his wife's seat. she was about to become secretary of state. no doubt ted kennedy humiliated hillary clinton in the senate when a colleague like ted kennedy goes against you it is a great embarrassment of hillary clinton's stature, the former first lady. democrats lined up with her expecting her to be the next president. when caroline kennedy supported barack obama it was widely seen as an act of treason and the argument in new york was why reward treason.
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from the governor's point of view, had he picked caroline kennedy, maybe he wouldn't have the problems with the president clearly aligned against him. >> the article talks about the fact that the obama administration -- at the time it was team obama did not come out to help caroline when she was being lobbied against by bill clinton and do we know what the relationship is like now between bill clinton and the kennedy family particularly caroline after this? >> let me note on the latter, caroline kennedy has retreated to the anonymity she intended to have before she became a major national figure with her endorsement of barack obama. so i don't think there is any contact there. just in terms of what happened in new york and whether the obama people could have affected it, the sense was that new york was david patterson and hillary clinton's territory just as they would expect a new york democrat to stay out of illinois and chicago politics the obama
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people pretty much kept hands off here in new york. >> shows the power of bill clinton in this state. that continues. >> absolutely. there is no question. the power, the respect. there were other factors. caroline kennedy in her outing to be considered for the u.s. senate did a very poor job if you remember and did not have a lot of support in new york. >> fred dicker from albany. thank you. >> thank you and happy thanksgiving. >> the power of vice president joe biden. we will explore his crucial role in the debate that took place over whether to send more troops to afghanistan. inside the state dinner. we talk live with dee pock chopra. and then there is this. ♪ mama ♪ mama >> the muppets covers bohemian rhapsody. it is one of the hottest video
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welcome back. president obama set to announce his decision on escalating the war in afghanistan when he makes his case on tuesday night from west point. vice-president joe biden's influence a big part. >> known as the questioner in chief is said to be the leading voice in challenging general stanley mcchrystal's position that tens of thousands of troops are needed. biden wants the foe to be on
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routing out al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. the "new york times" magazine features a story that biden could be the most influential vice president in history. james taub wrote the story. it is an incredible article. people are trying to figure out what box you can put joe biden in. it seems there is not one. does he lose if the president announces 40,000 more troops he didn't want that number. he wanted scale back and the use of drones. >> the answer is yes, he advocates a smaller number and is going to lose that argument. there are two arguments. one argument is about numbers the other is about goals. stanley mcchrystal, our commanding general and david petraeus, his boss, said we need 40,000 troops in order to
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accomplish very ambitious goals, the goals of a counterinsurgency campaign where you protect individuals and build up the capacity of the state to have it take over from you. what biden has been saying from the beginning is let's think about what we can and can't accomplish. can we accomplish this ambitious counterinsurgency strategy? can we build up a functioning state heave aside a functioning democracy in afghanistan. he has been the voice to question that premise both because of the weakness of the karzai government and because of the weakness of our own civilian capacities and the inherent weakness of this state building enterprise which is an extremely difficult thing to do. >> was biden's power a building process. i bring that up because he was suggesting this strategy but wasn't listened to when the president decided to send more troops. biden was advocating not to send
4:17 pm
in a large military buildup but now he is being listened to this time? >> of course. he wouldn't put it that way. i do think that is right. obama got into this the first time in march when he sent in the extra 21,000 troops without a great deal of thought. obama's thought was iraq is the war we are getting out of and the one we don't have to think about so much. afghanistan is the war we have to win. he said the war of necessity. if it is the war of necessity, you send in more troops. only after the election and the revelations about the failure of the government there, the rise of the taliban, the drug problem and so on that obama realized just because he thought these things were so essential didn't mean they were doable. biden's whole point is maybe they are not doable. let's do what is doable. >> i find it fascinating, the second most powerful vice president in this country. what is the relationship between joe biden and barack obama?
4:18 pm
how close of an adviser is he? >> jeff, i would distinguish between close friend and close advis advisor. i don't think he is a close friend but they need to respect each other's judgment. this debate is about obama listening to people and play among these different views. in that regard i think biden has strengthened his own already fairly strong position. >> was joe biden's contrarian opinion that led to this delay of a few weeks. >> i wouldn't say that only. but i think what has happened is biden did consciencetize obama. >> that is a great story, james. thanks for joining us.
4:19 pm
>> thank you. nbc's norah o'donnell had an opportunity to speak with vice president biden's wife jill biden, asking her about the weight of the war on her husband. >> do you talk with your husband the vice president when you know how hard it is on military families that more troops may mean more stress? >> of course i talk to joe. since we have had a son overseas we know how difficult it is. i have real faith in joe's decision and barack's decision. i know they'll make the right choice. >> the rest of norah's interview with dr. jill biden. it is fascinating some of the things she has to say. up next, we have a great concert for you. it is the muppets. they are covering queen and adam lambert gets a new gig as well. what has been ridiculed of the world's worst sketch ever of a criminal. it has been compared to the
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and how could i resist that smile?! [ female announcer ] new crest extra white plus scope outlast. is ♪ mama, mama, mama, mama ♪ mama >> yes. that is animal from the muppets. cover from the queen "bohemian rhapsody." it is posted on youtube yesterday and viewed by more than a million times. that is a lot. >> the song is too long to play the whole video. here are some of the highlights. ♪ i see a silhouette of a clam
4:24 pm
skalamoosh will you do the fandango ♪ ♪ does anyone know if there is a part for me for me for me ♪ ♪ >> that's not authentic. >> something that is authentic is the brouhaha over adam lambert did get a chance to perform this morning after getting canceled by requested good morning america." he was nixed after his concert that he performed on the american music awards. got thousands of complaints for being, according to the people upset, too sexually graphic. abc reportedly received a lot of angry phone calls he was prompbtly booked on cbs "early
4:25 pm
show" where he promptly tried to explain why he thinks his performance was not out of line. >> it is up to the parent to watch the television. it was almost 11:00 at night. if they are concerned for certain material tivo it. >> you don't feel it is your responsibility. >> i'm not a babysitter. i'm a performer. >> ooh. okay. >> there you have it. >> lambert gave a "g" rated performance of two other songs from his album. he is popular and to say i'm not your babysitter. >> if you think about it, 1,500 calls, not a lot considering the tens of millions that are watching. >> for them to cancel him on "good morning america." >> they wanted something appropriate for morning television. >> a christian group thinks the best way to show somebody love is from a side hug.
4:26 pm
a video from the christian conference called the encounter generation. youth pastors rapping about the new hugging technique. >>. ♪ if a girl walks up with a front hug you better turn to the side, pat her on the back ♪ >> you hug each other from the side. you touch hips. that is the side hug. by the way, it avoids any compromising body contact. the only below the belt body touching is below the belt hip on hip action. >> apparently smooth as the baby's bottom is not smooth enough for a british magazine. the british press airbrushes its baby pictures to make the children look more perfect. eye color, skin tone and fat creases on their arms are being
4:27 pm
altered before the images are put on glossy magazine covers. "parenting" has admitted to airbrushing its baby photos. >> what do you think? >> well, if it makes them cuter. i'm a personal favorite of the fat rolls. >> i love those. yeah. glitz and glamour at the white house. we talk live with deepak chopra. in our "faceoff" on afghanistan, what should the president say to a skeptical america for expanding the war effort in that country? so many arthritis pain relievers --
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i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks posting gains, the dow picked up 30 points, the s&p 500 added 40 points and the nasdaq gained six points.
4:31 pm
new home sales jumped to the highest level in more than a year. the commerce department says the sales rolls 6.2% to an annual rate of 430,000, up 5% from a year ago despite new data showing oil supplies grew by 1 million barrels oil prices rose as the dollar weakened and oil was up nearly $2 to settle at $78 a barrel. orders on big ticket factory goods fell in october. orders for durable goods dropped 0.6% following a 2% gain in september. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. now back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm tamron hall. >> i'm jeff rossen in for david. an inside look at one of the biggest events to hit washington. president obama held his first
4:32 pm
state dinner. india's prime minister the guest of honor. the president made sure to make him feel special and welcome with a toast. >> tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister monmohan singh. mr. prime minister, we work to fulfill our duties, bring our countries closer together than ever before. >> the guest list was 338 with a mix of hollywood "a" listers, washington people and indian people. we bring in deepak chopra. you got san diego fast.
4:33 pm
how was it >> it was great. the food was wonderful. i got to speak to president obama. i got to sit with vernon jordan and fareed zacaria. president obama was sitting next to us with colin powell. got to speak with colin powell and president obama and mrs. obama as well. >> what grade would you give them for their first state dinner? >> i would give them an a plus. >> how was the food? >> the food was very good. it wasn't the medium rare steak or chicken choice. it was curry with prawns and vegetarian entree as an alternative. it was exquisite? >> any interesting political
4:34 pm
discussions or discussions you were able to overhear? >> i had a long conversation with vice president joe biden and my wife kind of almost chastised him on sending more troops to afghanistan. and he actually seemed to agree. >> mr. chopra, i have to ask you, this is the first state dinner of the obamas. it is in honor of the indian prime minister. what does this mean for indian americans and india to be recognized in this way? >> i think this is the recognition that india is emerging as a global economic power and cultural influence throughout the world. so this means a lot, not only for india and u.s. relationships, it means a lot to the world. because the india di aspra spread all over the world.
4:35 pm
people from hollywood, novelists, nobel prize winner in economics, you can see india's contribution culturally, in music, ar rahman, the man who made the music for "slumdog millionaire." it was wonderful to see this. >> it was an incredible event. you named the guests who are indian american and what they bring or indian and what they bring to the conversation. what is your ultimate hope between the relationship with india and the united states as we move forward and recognize the importance of india? >> i think my ultimate hope is india and the united states can actually create economic well being in southeast asia and bring pakistan into the mix, solve the kashmir problem and bring about a nonmilitary
4:36 pm
solution in afghanistan. i don't believe there are any military solutions. i think there are only economic solutions. this is a great opportunity and both president obama and prime minister monmohan singh spoke eloquently how we need to bury the past and envision a new future. >> deepak chopra. thank you very much. >> it was wonderful. tens of thousands of american troops spend thanksgiving overseas most without their families. the vice president's wife dr. jill biden says it is vitally important to remember our soldiers and their families. msnbc's chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell sat down with dr. biden exclusively. >> reporter: dr. jill biden is very private. she stays out of the spotlight. one issue she is not shy about, it's our wounded warriors and military families.
4:37 pm
i spoke to her about that and how she is settling into her new role. >> hi. welcome to our new home. >> reporter: have you spent a lot of time fixing it up? >> not a lot. we have been busy. >> reporter: she has two day jobs. >> the art warms up the whole house. >> reporter: one her official role as the vice president's wife in their official residence at the naval onner is terry and the other as an english professor at northern virginia community college. how are you settling into the role? >> i'm here every day. i teach two days a week. i teach full time. >> reporter: she teamed up with first lady michelle obama to highlight the struggles facing military families. >> let's honor their service by volunteering ours. >> reporter: for the bidens it is an issue that hits close to home. jill's stepson, bo, recently
4:38 pm
returned from iraq. last year at this time he was overseas and missed the family thanksgiving. >> the biden family is thankful for our son being home this year. >> reporter: this week the bidens opened up their home for an early thanksgiving and gave thanks to wounded soldiers and their families. >> i'm a military mom. i remember what it was like on thanksgiving for our family. we pretended like everything was okay but our hearts felt heavy. >> reporter: army first class sergeant john wright. he was wounded by an ied. he lost his right leg and one of his fingers. what does it mean to be here? >> it is amazing. you don't expect the vice president to open his house and say, hey, you know, army guy sit down next to my wife and share dinner. it the amazing. it means a lot. >> reporter: as president obama
4:39 pm
plans to announce he is sending more troops to afghanistan dr. biden and the vice president talk often about the toll war takes on family. do you talk with your husband the vice president when you know how hard it is on military families that more troops may mean more stress for families? >> of course i talk to joe. since we had a son overseas we know how difficult it is. i have real faith in joe's decision and barack's decision and i know they'll make the right choice. >> reporter: dr. biden told me she personally disagrees with that federal panel's recommendation to discontinue mammograms before age 50. she says mammograms have saved some of her friends' lives. back to you. >> so nice to hear from you. the first lady gets the most attention. to have her, dr. jill biden, be so vocal on so many issues especially with military families. >> nice to hear from her.
4:40 pm
just ahead, president obama selling his strategy for a war to a skeptical public on tuesday night. >> what should he say about afghanistan? it is part of our "faceoff" coming up. (woman) dad had been repeating things
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♪ don't come down here. we're-- we're naked. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ welcome back. in today's "face off"there is one battalion planning to go to afghanistan. >> president obama will announce
4:44 pm
the escalation from west point tuesday evening. during a news conference yesterday the president made his intentions pretty clear. >> after eight years some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done it is my intention to finish the job. >> how does the president define finishing the job and can he sell his plan to a skeptical public? the polls show split down the middle. here to faceoff, keith boykin and david winston. david, i will start with you because a lot of republicans have supported an escalation. we are looking at 35,000 to 40,000 new troops on the ground. what is your thoughts on the president saying finish the job. >> this is a campaign promise he made. the focus should not have been iraq but afghanistan. he is following through in terms
4:45 pm
of this process. i think the decision he made although it took a while is the right one and will move thing parted. ultimately he kept a campaign promise. i think he is making the right decision. >> should there be a timeline? >> that is up to the commanders on the ground. it is up to the president to define the broad strategic dynamic in which those operate. >> would you support a timeline? the president says we have been there eight years we are going to commit to "x" amount. again, we have been there eight years. >> i couldn't agree this has been an elongated process and difficult for people to go through. ultimately, he is making a commitment to do the right things in terms of getting the war won the way he needs it done. i can't imagine him giving himself a timeline. >> keith, the president says he has to finish the job here.
4:46 pm
do you think he'll have a benchmark or timeline? when you say finish the job that sounds so open ended. again, looking at these polls people are not ready to have our men and women there for another eight. >> i don't think he will have a timeline. i think he will have some ideas of what success looks like. >> what does success look like? >> that is a good question. for a lot of americans we don't know the answer. probably some sort of stability in afghanistan. it means the ability for american troops to pull out and afghan troops to be fully armed and capable, a functioning government that is not incompetent and corrupt. those are a lot of difficult benchmarks. >> david, what is the goal here? if it is to route out al qaeda. there are only 100 members of al qaeda in afghanistan. they are in parts of africa and
4:47 pm
around the world. what is the goal? >> going to what was just said, that is exactly what he needs to clearly define so people understand what is success. from my point of view the taliban clearly does not play a role in supporting terrorism, getting al qaeda out of afghanistan. but to some degree that is his definition. he clearly said going back to the campaign that afghanistan needed to be the focus. he is going to define what success is and that will be a major portion of his speech next tuesday i would assume. >> keith, if you put more people on the ground and we have seen this with the surge and other escalations that means sadly perhaps more men and women coming home dead. and that is the hard part. when people start seeing that you and i both know reactions greatly vary but they usually are we don't want to be there anymore. >> sadly, that is what war is about. you put more boots on the ground and have more targets and more
4:48 pm
casualties. we are talking about $1 million per soldier. 30,000 troop increase, $30 billion increased spending in the middle of a financial crisis. it is difficult and he will have to use his sales ability to pitch it to the american people. topic two, john boehner and his overblown golf expenses. his pact spent $20,000 at the robert tren jones course, $30,000 at muirfield in ohio and a ritz-carlton course in florida. they say they raised money for other candidates. too much? what do you think? we'll start with you, keith? >> well, it solidifies the republicans as the country club crowd. when we have a country dealing with a financial crisis, an economic collapse, 10% unemployment and the republican policy is nothing but give more tax cuts to the rich again.
4:49 pm
we tried that. it didn't work for eight years of the bush administration. i think john boehner is basically the epitomy of everything wrong with the republican party. >> david, they say they were doing it for a good cause. >> obviously, i'm going to disagree. john boehner was trying to raise money for republican candidates. he raised $1 million to $1.5 million. john boehner uses golf. when barack obama does it, he takes people to hollywood stars homes and raises money there and there are expenses there. it is the process of raising money. this is the way you raise money. if you want to talk about who played golf more, if you contrast john boehner and barack obama. >> we're missing the point. it is not the number of days they played golf but the cost of it. hang on. joe scarborough, a republican said this is insane. if you want to portray to the american people you care, you
4:50 pm
get it, this shows you have access to the rich and famous not hanging out with $20,000 golf. >> bear with me. okay, if he raised it through a rock concert the way barack obama does or by taking people to stars homes that's okay but -- >> no. what i'm saying -- >> john boehner raises it through a golf tournament. >> let me answer what i'm saying. the republicans are trying to pick up traction saying this administration is not paying attention to the loss of skrjob and not relating to the average working man and they are about to get in there and do the work of people. it is about perception. we are in tv. perception can be reality. that is what happened in august with the town halls. it was a perception. a small amount of people whose voices were loud and clear. >> tamron, the republican party is philosophically incapable of creating a perception of being of the people.
4:51 pm
they have never been of the people. >> i'm out. david. >> $30,000 for the naples ritz-carlton. come on. >> that is the cost of doing fund-raising. you are trying to attract people to help republican candidates. that is going to happen. if i may, tamron to your point, it has been john boehner who has been focusing on where are the jobs. it has been recently barack obama announced this jobs summit. so to be fair to boehner, he has been pushing about where are the jobs for a long time. >> the best jobs are caddies apparently in naples, florida, at the ritz-carlton. >> i would say that is unfair. >> i would say it is funny. >> still unfair. >> okay. keith, david, appreciate it. david, we are going to hang out with you because you know where the $20,000 -- we're here eating hotdogs on the streets of new york. we have to hang out with you. thank you, guys. >> up next, things we thought
4:52 pm
you should know. >> white house turkey and tom delay's last dance at least on tv. then on "hardball" chris matthews' guest host chuck todd talks about the president's road ahead on afghanistan. (announcer) we understand. you want time to enjoy the holidays. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more.
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only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. ( crowd roars ) that's a great call. one a day men's.
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4:55 pm
there's a lot going on today and here are some things we thought you should know. >> tom delay's last dance. i pause. i'm into this. not really. the hammer came out of retirement for a cameo appearance for the season finale of "dancing with the stars." he dropped out because of stress fractures in the feet.
4:56 pm
last night he showed the fine form that helped him spin his way into our hearts. ♪ i can't see texas i can't see texas from here ♪ >> see him shake those hips. pretty good. for those who care, donny osmond was crowned the dance champion. talking turkey at the white house. this morning president obama with his daughters sasha and malia gave the official pardon to the white house turkey. >> thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spared this terrible and delicious fate. there are certain days that remind me of why i ran for this
4:57 pm
office. and then there are moments like this where i pardon a turkey and send it to disney land. >> the next stop is disney land. after the pardon, the turkey, along with another one, boded a first-class flight. the other turkey was carolina. >> he is a funny guy. not the turkey. the president. the political frenzy dominated washington will quiet down for the thanksgiving holiday but next week it will kick back into high gear. >> the stories we will be watching and talking about headed into the next week. luke russert, political reporter for nbc news. tuesday is the big day. >> tuesday is the big day. before we get there, tamron, president obama will be spending thanksgiving at the white house and will remain in d.c. over weekend. the first lady will be presented
4:58 pm
with the white house christmas tree from west virginia. the douglas fir will arrive in horse drawn carriage. it will be in the blue room the holiday season. vice president biden and his family will spend thanksgiving at nantucket, massachusetts, through the 30th. the senate is back in on monday convening at 2:00 p.m. to begin debate on the health care bill. tuesday president obama is expected to announce his decision on troops in afghanistan. he will do this in a primetime address at west point military academy. on thursday the president's jobs forum where they will meet with ceos and discuss ideas to foster economic growth and putting americans back to work. thursday we will see if ben bernanke with still be the chairman of the federal reserve. his confirmation hearings will be then.
4:59 pm
on friday the president kicks off a white house to main street tour taking him to cities across the country hard hit. his first stop allentown, pennsylvania. more important, tomorrow the macy's day thanksgiving parade at 9:00 a.m. i hope garfield will be there. >> are you saying something? pillsbury dough boy. >> if i go like this, will you make the noise? >> check out first read every morning. get your information updated throughout the day. you can go back if you get bored. log on to the big talker, as we move ahead, tuesday the president at west point finally revealing his strategy for afghanistan. how many troops he plans to put on the g

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